City of Muskego, WI

Scott Kroeger

Step 1 of 2 - Terms and Conditions

  1. No part of the permitted work shall be commenced until warning signs, devices and methods adequate to protect the public are in place and fully functional. Warning signs and devices shall conform to the appropriate sizes, designs and arrangements specified within the Wisconsin Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, current edition. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to provide and maintain at least the quantity of signs and devices there in described, but to also supplement those with such additional signs, devices and flaggers as are necessary to functionally protect persons and property from injury or damage at all times and under all conditions, including changed or changing conditions. Warning signs, devices and methods shall be in place and protectively functional prior to the commencement of any of the permitted works within the limits of the right-of-way, and shall protect the public until all permit-associated works are complete.

2. Vehicles, equipment and materials shall be regulated by the applicant to assure consistently safe conditions. Particular care shall be exercised at all times to assure a safe traffic environment at and near the site of the work. These requirements pertain while the work operations are in active progress, as well as during periods of work shut down. Any discovered violation of this permit, and particularly as regards any failing to maintain a safe traffic and general public environment will require an immediate cure by the applicant of the fault discovered, could result in an order by the City to stop further progress of the work, and may result in revocation of the permit and expulsion from the right-of- way

3. The applicant shall provide the supervisor of the permitted work(s) with a copy of this permit and is responsible to assure that the supervisor is familiar with all the permit's details and requirements. A complete copy of the permit shall be in the possession of the workforce at all times that work is being performed within the right- of-way. The applicant shall be responsible to the State for any failure to comply with any part of this permit.

4. It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to determine the location of, and protect or cause to be protected from any damage, any facilities existing in the area to be influenced by the permitted work. All notifications to others are likewise a responsibility of the applicant.

5. All operations shall be performed without obstructing nor closing allor any part of any traffic lane unless specifically sanctioned by the City.

6. All costs for constructing and maintaining the permitted facilities shall be the obligation of the applicant. The permitted facilities shall, if necessary, be altered at the expense of the applicant to facilitate alteration, improvement, safety control, or maintenance of the roadway , as may be ordered by the City.

7. The permit does not transfer any land; nor give, grant or convey anyland right, right in land, nor easement.

8. The permit authorizes only the described works of and for the applicant indicated on the face of the permit. It does not grant authority for the facilities of any other, either by present or future installation.

9. Construction methods and restorations shall be in accordance with applicable parts of City of Muskego Specifications.

10. The applicant shall assure that proper erosion control measures are implemented prior to and at all times during work operations. The applicant shall also be responsible for providing and maintaining erosion control measures to protect all restored areas upon completion of the permitted works until the replacement vegetation achieves sustained growth.

11. Any brush, trash or waste materials resulting from the permitted works shall be removed from the right-of-way. No tree or shrub shall be cut, trimmed or damaged to facilitate the installation or maintenance of the permitted facility except as authorized by the owner of such tree or shrub.

12. Operations and safety precautions pertinent to any trenching, tunneling, or excavation activities shall comply with the most strict requirements of all applicable regulations and codes, including, but not limited to, those of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, and OSHA.

13. Smooth and finished slopes shall be constructed at any location where any regraded portion of the right-of-way meets the lands of the adjacent property owner.

14. Any curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveway, gravel base, ballast or shoulder material, or other element of the right-of-way or facility disturbed by the permitted works shall be restored in kind to the qualities, grades, compactions and conditions at least equal to those prevailing ahead of the permitted work operations and all to the satisfaction of the City of Muskego.

15. Any turfed area of the right-of-way disturbed by the permitted works and operations shall be restored with fine-graded topsoil having a depth of not less than 4 inches, and reseeded to perennial grass, or sodded to the satisfaction of the City of Muskego.

16.  If, in the opinion of the City, the permitted works or facilities obstruct drainage, unduly in-crease the difficulty of roadway maintenance, or in any other manner adversely affect a roadway interest, the applicant shall, upon notice, cure the fault as directed, and restore the roadway facility to the satisfaction of the City of Muskego.

17.  The applicant is responsible to assure that the site of construction is secure against any hazard to the public, both when the site is attended and during off-hours, any holiday, and the hours of night when the site is unattended.

18.  The applicant should be aware that future upgrading of the roadway may require the adjustment of part or all of the permitted facility.

19.  The covers of manholes, shut-off and regulator valves, and like facilities shall be adjusted to the level of the immediately adjacent grades.

20.  No greater length of trench shall be open at any time than is necessary to maintain essential progress of the work.